Our Concept

* KME University is accredited through the Global Accreditation of Kingdom Schools and Ministries (GAKSM), the official Board for authenticating  and giving stamp of approval to Kingdom Schools and Ministries.

** GAKSM is  comprised of Gifted and Inspired Diplomats  whom have been mentored, schooled, and graduated in Kingdom Assiduity with a working knowledge of Biblical Kingdom Concepts, Biblical Kingdom Principles, and Biblical Kingdom Faith: (A KMEU Board)

*** We Integrate Theology,  Sociology, Business, Music, Health, Government, Leadership,  Communication, and other Educational tenants with Biblical Kingdom Truths and Philosophy to conceptualize a lifestyle called Kingdomology™ for the purpose of fulfilling God’s big idea of bringing His Kingdom in earth as it is in Heaven to ameliorate our towns, government, and families. 

Our Assignment

 * Not to teach church denomination polity, law or religious practices. But to instruct students to look beyond the common methodological exegesis, to a deeper interpretation of Scripture. By doing so the Inspired Word of God is revealed from it's pictograph form enabling us to peer into the mind of the writer. 

** Strategically and innovatively with love and kindness extirpate erroneous Biblical tenants that devour our Christian brothers and sisters of their Kingdom rights, privileges, and empowerment.

*** Impart spiritual gifts to make you  a converted fruitful disciple, kingdom citizen, and ambassador that help change and improve lives and systems in the real world.

**** We commit to all people, of all ages, in all walks of life, that have a desire to no longer be conformed to the world of mediocrity and ineffectiveness, yet have the will to be transformed by renewal of their minds, so to strengthening their brothers and sisters, causing a positive impact on their community.

Our Philosophy

* Since we walk by Faith, then Faith is a lifestyle. Each of KMEU’s Degrees is another measure of faith that once learned, is added upon the measure God gave us. In doing so we move and have our being in the Author and Finisher of our Faith, Jesus the Christ.

** We believe: the greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose; the greatest challenge in life is knowing what to do; the greatest mistake in life is being busy, but not effective; and that the greatest failure in life is being successful in the wrong assignment (M.Munroe). 

*** We follow the teaching concepts of Yeshua (Jesus) the Christ by seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness. 

**** We acknowledge as Jesus says "the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" and that "The Gospel of The Kingdom"  is the message taught and lifestyle demonstrated by Jesus Christ, for the purpose of returning man to his rightful state. .  

***** We believe that unless "The Good News of The Kingdom of God"  is fully understood, then published, and demonstrated with power, then it will remain hidden to those that are lost.   

** KMEU Diplomat Office Mailing Address: KMEU  809 Fifth Avenue  Athens, Alabama 35611  256-230-9047**  

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