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LIVE Sundays: 10:30am
Kingdom Way Christian Center

Athens, AL 

Dr. Mauricio Juarez - Guatemala City, Guatemala. > Professor of Spanish Kingdom Courses

Apostolic Nuncios: Teaching Ambassadors

Savant Dr. Roderick Howell - Chancellor > Author of Scripture Ontology, Kingdomology, Theology, and Faithology Courses

Dr. LaTonya Ellington - Omaha, NE >  Author of Trophology & Healthy Food Course

Local and global Members convocation  

KMEP of Kingdomology

Dr Eugene Edwards - Huntsville, AL.>  Professor of  Kingdom Music & Worship Course

Dr. Anderick Biddle - Dallas, TX > Author of Kingdom Righteousness Course

"As Instructors, we identify with the challenges that you face in your community today by walking in your shoes currently or times past as business owners, managers, teachers, pastors, laypersons. city officials, youth, seniors, or young adults. To help you ameliorate your territory, we have equip ourselves with proven knowledge and  necessary educational tenants of the subject matter we teach"  (Dr. R.W. Howell).   In order to carry out the mandate of Jesus the Christ in Matthew 6:33, KMEU has rewritten Theology, Sociology,  and Philosophy  Courses infusing them with the Biblical Kingdom Principles of God. These courses are now the make up of what Dr Howell coined as the School of Kingdomology™ 

Our International Affiliates.

 "nuncio is derived from the ancient Latin word, nuntius, meaning "envoy" or "messenger"

Dr Israel Ikpeka - Lagos, Nigeria > Author of Kingdom Life Marriage Course

Dr. Synthia Howell - Athens, AL > Author of Kingdom Youth Ministry Course

Dr. Maurizio Tiezzi -  Siena, Italy > Author of "Script Free" Living Course.

Dr. Timothy Ellington - Omaha, NE >

Author of Herbology Health Course

Dr. Timothy Copeland - Boiling Springs, SC >  Author of  Accountability and

  Kingdom Ministry Course