Measure of Faith Degrees

For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith:  Romans 1:17


AT KMEU we illustrate fullness as 360 degrees. Each course apprehends measures toward fullness.
The completion of a pathway/course is termed: “A Measure of Faith Degree”
A Master Degree earned at KMEP is a fractional percentage point added to what God has given us.
This concept is imaged by the points in our Corporate logo above.

And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;  1 Peter 1:5    

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KMEP of Kingdomology

 *Kingdom Faithology Degree™
Measure  4 β£  Syllabus:  Defining, understanding, then, appropriating, the lifestyle of Kingdom Faith, Grace, and Justification. Also explore how "saved" and "salvation" differ.

KF I - III = Master Degree @20°
Degree Fee & Tuition = $1050: (3) 10 week Courses @ $350 ea.

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Kingdom Youth Ministry ™
 β£ Measure  Syllabus:  A newly designed Youth Series to train up a child while young, empowering them to become Kingdom Citizens and Ambassadors. A teaching lab with observation. (Youth Minister Certification Degree)

KY I - IV Master Degree @20°
Degree Fees & Tuition = $1400: (4) 6 week courses @ $350 ea. 

  Kingdom Theology Degree ™
 Doctor Syllabus:  Become a Kingdom Theologian and learn to see pictographs the writers used when scriptures were written. This is a deeper Exegesis that literally gets into the mind of the writer.

KTh I - IV Doctor Degree @25°

Degree Fee & Tuition = $1200: (4) 5 wk courses @ $300 ea.

Local and global Members convocation  

Masters 100  Symposiums Yr 1

Kingdom Business Op ™
 Workman Certification Syllabus: 
Study & Lab Concentration on setup, opening, finance, management, hiring, accounting, and taxation of business operations for optimal success.

(Certified Master Workman + Business Operation Degree)
KB I - IV Master Degree @20°
Degree Fee & Tuition = $1400.00: (4 ) 6 wk  Courses @ $350 ea.

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 Kingdom Worship Degree ™  

§£ Measure  Syllabus: A Master  Degree: Pure Worship is what God Wants. Learn the Biblical forms and definitions of music, praise, and worship, then how it takes place inside as well as outside the church building walls.
 KW I - III = Master Degree @20°
Degree Fee & Tuition = $900: (3) 8 week courses @ 300 ea. 

 Kingdomology ™
Doctor Syllabus: Student collaborates from all  courses offered and learn how to implement information in nine various learning behaviors. Monitored teaching skills adhered. Book writing lab available.  

 DK I - IV = Doctor Degree @25°
Degree & Cert. Fee + Tuition = $2500: (5) 6-8 wk courses @ $500 ea.

Kingdom Sociology ™   

Doctor Degree syllabus:  Integrated Sociology  and Kingdom Principles  to better  equip students for the workforce and political arena, by being effective but not religious.
KS I - IV = Doctor Degree @25°
Degree Fee & Tuition = $2000: (4) 8-10 week courses @ 500.00

*Scripture Ontology Degree ™ (formally Biblicology)
Measure 1 β£  Syllabus:  Using the correct scripture exegesis and application is the foundation to Biblical studies and teaching. Students learn to master exegesis with historical culture to ameliorate an apprehension scripture and other courses.

SO I - III = Master Degree @20°
Degree Fee & Tuition =$900: (3) 10 wk  Courses @ $300 ea

*Kingdom Righteousology Degree ™  

Measure 3 β£  Syllabus:   Obeying  the 2nd component of Jesus’ commandment in Matthew 6:33, we explore, define, apply, and live true righteousness. Deep exegesis Midrash is introduced.

KR I - III = Master Degree @20°
Degree Fee & Tuition = $1200: (4) 8 week Courses @$300 ea.

β£ = ( Prosper Measure) &  §£ = (Salubrious Measure)

 * Symbols > Course of Faith Measure  needed to Prosper (nurtured growth)  and be in Health (salubrious or wholesome)
Note: Courses can be taken in any order. However, Student must complete the Pre-requisites of  all (β£) Kingdom Master Degrees  plus one elected (§£) Kingdom Master Degree, equaling  100° degree points before entering the Doctor Course.

 *Kingdom Ontology  Degree™
Measure 2 β£  Syllabus: Mergers Scripture Ontology with  Kingdom Theology  and defines  the what, where, who, when, and why of the Kingdom and how to enter. We postulate and discover The Kingdom principles, laws, and authority of life.

KO I - IV = Master Degree @20°
Degree Fee & Tuition = $1200: (4) 10 wk Courses @ $300 ea.


Masters 200  Symposium Yr3

Pre-requisite = Complete Master 100 Degree:  

  Kingdom Ministry Degree™
Workman Syllabus: Acknowledges a candidate’s call to ministry upon proper understanding the operations of gifts given to the church. Learning the necessity of accountability is essential. Include labs of  leadership, administration, marketing, and counseling for realistic learning
(Degree is a Doctor Measure with endorsement for License through KME)

​KM I - IV Doctor Degree @25°
Degree & Cert. Fee & Tuition = $1600: (4) 8 wk courses @ $400 ea. 

Masters 100 Symposiums Yr2

Pre-requisite = Scripture Ontology Concatenation: